3 thoughts on “Cuban Rythms & Ideological Repression”

  1. Lately I am almost totally concentrated on Venezuela, where the fate of a nation is at play, so I left Stack aside a little bid. He just won a senate seat and he’s a great friend of the Cuban exile community but the point is that you guys are too much. Nothing scapes you. I usually post Stack’s stuff. I translated his political pieces for about seven years. I don’t anymore on a regular basis but sometimes mistakes are made at the printers after two revisions. This must have been the case here, although I don’t know for certain because I am not responsible for this piece. It’s great for him to be on Babalu and I sincerely congratulate you for the great job you guys are doing. You know where I am if you need support for our causes or anything. i’ll try to call in tonite on the radio hour.
    un abrazo
    PTA: This post might have some typos!

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