Who was Eduardo Capote?

Eduardo Capote Rodriguez

Eduardo Capote, who recently passed away, was locked in fidel castro’s gulag for some 17 years.
But do not call him a victim.
A former solider in castro’s rebel army, Capote was unjustly accused in 1966 of participating in a botched plane hijacking, for which he was sentenced to 15 years in prison. In prison, he suffered the worst possible tortures, including the mutilation of his hand by a machete-wielding guard. And his sentence was arbitrarily extended by 2 years.
But do not call him a victim.
For while in prison, and afterwards, Capote carried himself with dignity, with honor. He taught fellow prisoners to read and write, and later did the same for children, as an elementary school teacher in Miami.
Capote was an unimpeachable witness to the worst cruelties of man.
Capote was a survivor.
Capote was a hero.
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