The Ultimate Price for Freedom-Again

Today we must again bow our heads in respect for a fellow Cuban who has lot his life trying to reach freedom.
According to the Sun Sentinel, 32 Cuban REFUGEES landed in Palm Beach after their boat capsized at sea. One Man , a REFUGEE died.
The press now calls them migrants. As if they had the freedom to freely migrate like some kind of migratory bird or something.
It’s easier to call someone a migrant and then sent them back to the hell they came from. If you called them a refugee, well, then it would imply that you are denying them refuge and are sending them back to the situation are seeking refuge from.
Politically correct newspeak to hide the injustice.

11 thoughts on “The Ultimate Price for Freedom-Again”

  1. It is the USA that has changed, not Cuba.

    At the time I fleed Cuba and arrived in the USA, I was called a “refugee”. Since that time, Cuba has not changed and still has Castro, but the USA has had Clinton and Bush. So only because of Clinton and Bush we are now called “migrants”.

    Explain that one to me?

  2. We are no longer refugees because the government of this country no longer needs us to poke the USSR in the eye. We are no longer useful as propaganda tool. So we have been discarded.
    That is the long and the short of it.

  3. Those presidential choices provided to us in the past by the heads of the democrat and republican parties sure gives us hope for the future – not! It’s time to move in a different direction because doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results is a bit crazy.

  4. “REFUGEES cant return to their native countries. MIGRANTS can.”
    And there lies the rub.
    When my family came to the US we were REFUGEES. We could not return to our native country even if we wanted to.
    Those 32 MIGRANTS will most likely VACATION in Cuba next year bearing gifts. And they would do it every year is we didn’t have a law that limited this to once every three years. Boo &$%#$% Hoo.
    The fact that the WF/DF compromise exemption for Cubans exist at all is a testament to the remaining power of the Cuban-American lobby. Enjoy it while you can.

  5. Tontomedalla:
    The wonderful thing about the USA is that a minority like Cuban-Americans, or Guatemalan-Americans, whatever, actually has some political clout as well as protection from mob rule (cf. actos de repudio). How much clout or protection does a minority voice or dissenter have in Cuba? None, or at least enough to be thrown in jail.

  6. Come-guey Jorge,
    If they never go back for fear of reprisals and “actos de repudio” – they are REFUGEES.
    If they go back 6 months later bearing gifts they are MIGRANTS.
    It is not complicated.

  7. There is a changing attitude in the US concerning Cuba. The days of “refugees” may be over soon…not due to the fall of communism but rather the election of hillary the beast. As a non Cuban my observations are that the older Cubans here waited too long to get involved in American politics. Of course this has changed now but still Cuban American politicians tend to dwell solely on Fl and NY…missing a golden opportunity to meet/listen/inform the rest of the country. Some of us had high hopes that Mel Martinez would use his office to reach out to the rest of the USA but it appears he was too busy with the DC social scene and the Mexican lobbyist.
    Then there are the younger ones….busy being Americans with the clothes, video games and so on.
    They get carried away with life and dont/wont listen to the older Cubans. Sad but true. I tell them constantly “never forget what your parents went thru to get you here” and get involved!
    I am expecting my fourth Cuban refugee family, for this year and in a few days I’ll be advising them on life here and all the adjustments they will face. I’ll also tell them never to forget, help the Cuban community and enjoy their life as Americans.

  8. Val, I think there is a picture of you under a banner of your Aunt Amanda’s eyes at the airport in Havana with a big NO (or ÑO) through it, should you ever wish to enter Cuba. If a “Public Enemy Numbers 1-XX” list exists, I’m pretty sure you’re on it, along with George U. and Henry. This of course should be considered a supreme compliment to be on such a list, because it means you have pissed fifo off and are damaging to the regime.
    So, no, I don’t think they would welcome you in Cuba. At least not yet. 😉

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