chavez flexes some military muscle

With all the events that have transpired in the past week or so shining a less than favorable light on the boy-dictator in Venezuela, it is not difficult to see how chavez might be feeling a bit threatened as of late. After all, the emasculation he suffered at the hands of King Juan Carlos (a man who generally says little, especially about politics) is weighing heavy on the macaco’s miniscule mind. Like all bullies, chavez lives in constant fear that the world will see through his bravado and realize that he is nothing more than a feeble-minded, narcissistic opportunist who feels incredibly threatened by anyone who shows any semblance of intelligence and decency. Fearing that his façade is beginning to crack and show the real hugo, on Thursday he ordered a military attack to show the world just how tough he is.
He needed an opponent worthy enough to show his military muscle, but not too tough because the last thing he needs is another bloody nose. So he chose to rough up his next-door neighbor, Guyana. Ever cautious, the boy dictator avoided a military-on-military conflict even though Guyana’s military is such in name only. Instead, the attack was made on two gold-mining dredges floating haplessly on a river. The official Venezuelan government explanation claims that the dredges were operating in Venezuelan territory and that the attack was necessary to protect the country’s natural resources.
The message has been sent to the US, Spain, and any other world power that thinks that the boy-dictator’s military is anything to trifle with. If any doubt existed in the minds of the dictator’s enemies of his ability to take out un-powered, unarmed, mining dredges with extreme prejudice, that doubt has now been erased!
Be forewarned, imperialist scum!
Read the humorous article HERE.

4 thoughts on “chavez flexes some military muscle”

  1. “But Mr Chavez’s remarks were counterbalanced by King Abdullah, the head of state of the host nation, Saudi Arabia, the largest oil producer in the world and a US ally.
    “Those who want Opec to take advantage of its position are forgetting that Opec has always acted moderately and wisely,” he said.”
    Looks like King Abdullah also said “por que no te callas” in his quote. He suggested strongly that hugito was not acting wisely.
    Thats Kings 2 and hugito 0

  2. ???? ???
    Thats the online translation for shut up in Arabic. That should make things easier for dealing with hugo at the OPEC meetings.

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