I’m leaving, on a jet plane

The typical Cuban struggles to find enough food for a decent meal, and the money he has to buy life’s essentials is practically worthless. His house is falling apart, and the buses don’t run on time.
So what does acting dictator raul castro offer as “economic reform?”
The right to own an airplane.
Here’s guessing that the real reason for this “reform” is to make it easier for the dictators and their cronies to escape the island when the time comes.

3 thoughts on “I’m leaving, on a jet plane”

  1. This reform also makes it easier for all of chavez’s cronies, who in true socialist form traval via private jets, to make their rounds around the island. Since raul would rather have them buy and maintain their aircraft in Cuba and collect some hefty profits, he needed to ammend the laws a bit. Otherwise, until the common Cuban finds a way to build an airplane from old Russian tanks and Lada parts (I wouldn’t be surprised if they found a way to do it), this law serves no one but the ruling elite.
    What a surprise.

  2. Of course, then again he may be offering a cut of the loot farther down the feeding chain to stay in power. He may be trying to set up some quasi private tourist transport system from ex-military men to ferry more tourists into Cuba. The trouble with this piecemeal approach to doling out freedom is the Jones living next door who don’t get the benefits of relaxed tyranny will be even more angry. Great! Legalize private planes but you can’t stop there Raul. Everybody wants freedom – not just pilots and ex military. Everybody…

  3. “…the dictators and their cronies to escape the island when the time comes.”
    I prefer to see them go out in style, lilke Nicolae Ceausescu and his wife Elena.

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