US beats Cuba 6-3, wins Baseball World Cup

Se deben de estar recomiendo el Hígado ahora mismo en La Habana.

AP – American pitchers allowed seven scattered hits and Jayson Nix had two RBIs including a solo home run as the United States defeated Cuba 6-3 Sunday to win the Baseball World Cup in Taiwan.
The U.S. took command of the game in the second inning when Jason Jaramillo singled in a run, and Cuban starter Yadel Carrillo walked in two successive batters with the bases loaded to stretch the American lead to 3-0.
Jaramillio singled in his second run in the third, and in the next inning Nix homered to put the U.S. ahead 5-0.
Cuba cut the lead to 5-2 on Alfredo Rodriguez’s two-run single with two out in the fifth, but in the seventh Justin Ruggiano singled home a run to bring the score up to 6-2.
Alexander Kerr’s RBI single in the eighth cut the margin to 6-3 but reliever Jeff Stevens shut the Cubans down in the ninth to end the game.
American starter Brian Duensing looked strong until giving up Rodriguez’s two-run single in the fifth, but Steve Shell headed a trio of American relievers in neutralizing the normally potent Cuban offense over the remaining four innings to seal the victory.

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  1. I guess you mean “recomiendo el higado” and “La Hanana” right? Anyway i’m pretty sure the whole island is sad because we didn’t win gold. I’m cuban, went to school with Sanchez and lived near Gourriel, i’m sad when my country doesn’t win, i’m sad when my friends don’t win. Cuando se caiga el comunismo those same players will represent Cuba, sometimes i don’t get you guys. Sad case.

  2. Thank you for correcting my ortografía Espirtuano, but don’t confuse our delight with another blow to the communist propaganda machine with the obvious pain the Cuban players are feeling with this loss.
    When Jesse Owens beat the Nazi athletes in the 1936 Olympics, it was not considered a win against German athletes so much as a win against Hitler’s so-called superior Aryan philosophy. So it is with this win against Cuba.

  3. Cuban baseball players DO NOT REPRESENT A EL PUEBLO CUBANO ..NOT SINCE 1960
    Ellos representan a un dictador, a una ideologia fallida
    Estan equivocados y ellos lo saben

  4. Yo entiendo sus comportamientos, you guys are happy because your team won and that’s fine. But saying that Cuban team doesn’t represent Cuba is just funny. Les puedo asegurar que toda la isla esta triste porque perdimos. Some of you guys are so far from the actual Cuban reality… me dan pena.

  5. Lo que da pena es que los cubanos en la isla tienen que soportar a los tiranos que los tienen encarcelados.
    Want a team that represents Cuba and Cubans? How about inviting Orlando “El Duque” Hernandez, his brother Livan and the other Cubans that have defected?

  6. If the Cuban baseball team represents ALL of Cuba because they are from Cuba, then I guess fidel, lage, alarcon, perez roque, and the rest of the political thugs also represent ALL of Cuba because they too, are Cuban.
    Should we be feeling sorry for them when they suffer a political defeat? According to that logic, we should.

  7. So cuando se caiga el tirano those players will be replaced? all players from all teams and sports will be replaced?

  8. In Cuba, sports and politics are not mutually exclusive of one another. The tyranny has used sports as a tool, just as it has used art, to further its agenda.
    They do not separate the politics from the sports.

  9. Oh! somewhere in this favored land the sun is shining bright;
    The band is playing somewhere and somewhere hearts are light,
    And somewhere men are laughing and somewhere children shout;
    But there is no joy in Havana — mighty Commies have struck out.
    Get ready for the next wave of Cuban baseball player defections.

  10. Mark my words. In our lifetime we will see Havana playing for the MLB American League. And what a beautiful day that will be.

  11. The most popular cuban team Industriales? yeah could be, there is enough talent in the island to have their own team and do well in MLB.

  12. I lived in Cuba when the national team was awesome during the late seventies. I use to cheer for players like Braudilio Vinent when he played for Oriente, but whenever they traveled abroad representing Cuba my parents would always pull for the American college kids. Anytime the Americans would score a run my dad would bang on the wall that our house shared with our neighbor’s. Both my dad and our neighbor had been a political prisioners and they knew that baseball was only a propaganda tool for the government. Cuban baseball has been a propaganda tool and nothing else. Many times the best players aren’t allowed to travel abroad with the national team because they aren’t Communist enough. Agustin Arias, the shortstop for Granma and the Bejerano brothers from Granma were some of those players that were deserving of being on the National team, but were never allowed to travel abroad because they were not hardcore communists.
    I had an opportunity to speak with many from the Cuban delagation at the World Baseball Classic in Puerto Rico and many of them were asshole Communists who would stick up for the Regime. I also remember the many times Cuban athletes have gone into the stands to beat up on old Cuban American men who were peacefully protesting at some of these events, like it happened during the Pan Am games back in the 80’s.
    I’m glad they lost because they are not Cuba’s team, they are the regime’s team. Besides I’m tired of these Cubans that say that the best baseball is played in Cuba. These college kids beat up on a bunch of seasoned professionals who have been playing together for years. Im glad to see assholes like Ariel Pestano and Fidel’s son go home as losers. My family in Cuba is happy tonight.

  13. Braudilio Vinent, Ramon Echevarria, Fermin Laffita, Pedro Medina . G Casanova, Alfonso Urquiola, Marquetti , Pedro Muños, Agustin Arias,
    tremendos peloteros de niños eran nuestros heroes pero a medida que fuimos creciendo nos dimos cuenta que eran peones de un regimen

  14. Well that’s my team and pretty much the whole island’s. Since those players will be the same ones that will represent my country once it’s free i want them to win no matter what. They did a good job now and over a year ago on the Classic.

  15. Espirituano, libérate del Síndrome de Estocolmo! Mientras en Cuba estén el castrismo, el deporte cubano ES una arma política, los deportistas son unos pobre peones del régimen (vean el caso de los boxeadores) y sus triunfos no son triunfos del pueblo ni de los deportistas, sino de la maquinaria que los pone a trabajar para ella…

  16. Spirituano, corazón bájate de esa nube y no seas tan “nice.” Alégrate de cualquier humillación que sufran los que representan a un régimen de oprobio.
    Spirituano, darling, come down from your cloud, and don’t be so nice. Rejoice in any humiliation of those who represent a regime of hatred and oppresion.

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