Cuba’s “Energy Revolution”

A Cuban official says, in the usual meaningless babble the regime employs in an attempt to make nothing sound like something, “that Cuba is currently consuming 7% less of diesel and 13% less of gasoline, and explained that the Energy Revolution, rather than a task, is a permanent concept in favor of saving and efficiency not only in the generation of electricity but also in the reorganization of public transportation, the distribution of products and state controls.”
Look at this picture, how many appliances do you see?


4 thoughts on “Cuba’s “Energy Revolution””

  1. Its because the cars keep breaking down and there is no one but tourists who need the gas and they aren’t coming in droves anymore. They will only show an increase in coffins used thanks to castro.

  2. I look at this picture and see it in a different light. I see wasted generations and Cubans robbed of their future.
    I’ve seen photos such as this and heard comments from Cuban refugees I have sponored over the years. I always politely look at their photos and closely listen to their stories….although I have done this many times…but my reaction is one of angry and its directed to the regime. The regime that has broken families, destroyed lives and committed countless crimes against humanity.

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