4 thoughts on “No blood for oil… unless you’re hugo chavez”

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    Imagine that…. King Abdullah showing some common sense.
    Arabs are cagey, they know where their best interests are and supporting Chavez’s vitriol is not. With Ahamdinejad they pretty much don’t have a choice, he’s too close to them for comfort.

  2. Chavez would be a total laughingstock if it weren’t for his money, which of course is not actually his, but he uses it as if it were. Unfortunately, if money talks anywhere, it talks in Latin America.

  3. “imperialism” and “exploitation” . . . wait a minute . . . isn’t this what chavez is trying to do via his “petro” dollars? He’s beyond despicable . . . “se le han ido los humos del petroleo a la cabeza” . . . y le han nublado la poca capacidad con que contaba” … este tipo se cae y come hierba!!! Sadly enough . . . makes him more dangerous!!!
    Happy Thanksgiving to all 🙂 Melek
    “There is nothing worse than aggressive stupidity.” ~ J.W. von Goethe

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