Slavery to the left, freedom to the right

While chavez continues to push Venezuela further and further left, and ultimately into the deep dark abyss of a leftist dictatorship, the majority of the world sits idly by. His anti-American antics and anti-capitalist rhetoric are so entertaining, the world has not stopped guffawing long enough to see the evil this man represents. As Venezuela stands at the crossroads of freedom and slavery, its future direction will not be decided by chavez, as so many tend to believe, but by its people. And while the world community may continue feeding bananas to the monkey on the Venezuelan people’s collective backs, it will ultimately be up to them to get rid of him.
Enter the institution from whence the boy-dictator emerged: the military. It is with the military that he plans to enforce his dictatorial edicts. And it is the military that can end his rise to supreme dictator, and Venezuela’s subsequent plunge into slavery and misery.
The cracks are beginning to show, and this article gives us a hopeful glimpse into the disunion and animosity beginning to manifest itself amongst Venezuela’s military.

“The Venezuelan soldier is not willing to die for any politician, whether it’s chávez or anyone else,” Camacho said. “He is willing to defend his country, the Venezuelan state, but not a government.”

This is not the first time an aspiring dictator has come head-to-head against a military establishment unwilling to do his bidding. The only thing that remains to be seen is how chavez will deal with it. Will he purge the ranks of the military of those not devoted to his movement, a la revolutionary Cuba, or will the military be able to take the initiative and eradicate this disease before it infects the entire Venezuelan nation?
We will all have to wait and see.

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