3 thoughts on “Sopa”

  1. great story Val… A mi me pasa algo parecido a veces cuando como me siento culpable cuando pienso en mis hermanos alla. Y pronto muy pronto los Venezolanos tambien tendran su libretica gracias a fidel .. pa su escopeta

  2. Val,
    don’t know how “cold” you are down there, but it’s 29 degrees here and we expect some flurries soon. Last night I went to Costco and bought their chicken soup. Not bad because it actually had rotisserie chicken in it but pretty bland because it had no Caribbean spices. I have cut and pasted your recipe and have filed it under VFCS (Val’s F– kin’ Chicken Soup). I have a feeling it’s going to be a favorite at my next recipe exchange.
    Ms. Calabaza

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