We get letters

From the TrenBlindado.com mailbag.

My name is Jeff. I’m 16 and attend high school in San Antonio.
First off, I just have to say thumbs up man. It’s truly nice to have someone else side with me in this topic. I am one of just a few at my school, and for that matter general area that aren’t blind to accept the Che hype. It gets extremely irritating to see some punk kid wearing the infamous Korda photo on a T-shirt or a book-bag.
I saw a very funny shirt that an economics teacher was wearing this past Friday. It had the Korda photo, but instead of the star on his beret, it had a money symbol($), and underneath Che it had the sentence “This shirt brought [to you by] capitalism”. Needless to say I gave him a much-deserved handshake. He said “You get what this shirt means?”, and I replied “Of course I do, I love that. Classic.”
Anyways, it is nice to see someone else trudging through the crap of Che as opposed to worshiping it. I love what you’re doing.”

Thank you Jeff.