Draft this!

There’s a movement afoot to “draft” our favorite Donkey Party apparatchik to run for office. The movement, no doubt started by the man himself, is quite humorous. They are using the recent interview I did with the would-be candidate as a rallying point talking about how he supposedly beat me in the debate. I’ll take the promotion of our online radio show anyway I can get it. But I don’t see how anyone can have a favorable impression of a person who repeatedly dodges direct questions and tries to talk over the host so much that he has to be muted. Plain and simple der kommissar couldn’t stand to be questioned thoroughly. He couldn’t stand it.
I’ll let our readers be the judges. Go to the 20 minute mark.
Incidentally, lefty blog The Daily Kos recently published a piece about the would-be candidate and committed a faux pas by reprinting an excerpt from the glowing endorsement the would-be candidate received from Granma. In a damage control mode, the would-be candidate sent out an email to his supporters trying to distance himself from his other admirers… in Havana:

Let me be clear that this paper is the communist propaganda newspaper and it makes assertions about the community and Congresspeople that are slanderous. And, although I may completely disagree with the Republican congressional delegation, these assertions by Granma are patently false.

Apparently he got Kos to remove the mention because it’s not there anymore.
Thankfully we have Google Cache: Click here to see Google Cache Image
As I told the would-be candidate during the Babalu radio hour, one would have to be blind, ignorant or both, to not see that the the positions of the Democrats vis-a-vis Cuba are being parroted by people who are friendly to the regime. Why would any freedom loving Cuban vote for that?
The next 12 months promise to be the most fun of my life. We are going to watch the all of these hypotheses of the changing voter base in south Florida and the flagging support of the Republican party put to the test, and in my opinion, go down in flames.
In the meantime I’m flattered that the donkeys think so highly of me. Even if they are a bunch of jackasses.

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  1. Was that Moulitsas blogging at Kos or some other flunkie Kossack?
    Either way Henry, all one has to do is listen to his diatribe to hear Orwell’s definition of perfect Newspeak, with the added bonus of rudeness. If they consider that interview a win, they might as well pack their shit up now and call it a day. Why waste so much time and effort fruitlessly?

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