Rights? They don’t need no stinkin’ rights!

In another show of complete ignorance and utter bigotry, the bevy of usual suspects who make up the “artistic” community in this country (in other words, the useful idiots), have written a letter to President Bush imploring him to open the cultural exchanges between the US and Cuba.

“We are writing you as representatives of the cultural sphere in the United States. We write you as American citizens. We write to express our dismay at your administration’s continuing hostility towards Cuba. We write to express our opposition to policies that keep us divided from our Cuban counterparts, preventing cultural interchange between our two countries. We believe the time has come to move towards cooperation and constructive relations with Cuba.”

Their letter includes a copy of Alicia Alonso’s berating tirade against the US embargo, as if the words of a communist tool could reach out and touch Bush’s heart. They go on to claim that their rights as US citizens to travel wherever they choose, and to dialog with whomever they fancy have been violated by Bush’s policy towards Cuba.

“The present policies deny such possibilities of friendship and cultural sharing. We further note that cultural interchanges and relationships are also modes of communication and expression. In denying us the possibility of engaging in such exchanges and relationships, we are being denied our fundamental rights as guaranteed by the 1st, 5th and 14th Amendments of the U.S. Constitution.”

No mention is made, however, that none of the Cuban artists on the island enjoy the freedom to associate with whomever they choose and the liberty to travel and do “cultural exchanges” wherever they like. While these dolts whine over alleged violations of their civil rights, they completely ignore the fact that the people they want to interact with have no rights.
The letter, of course, is signed by the prominent members of the useful idiots club. But if only they were just idiots, it would serve to explain their asinine behavior. The real story here is that they only care about their rights to do as they please.
Rights for the Cuban artists on the island? They don’t need no stinkin’ rights!
They’re not American artists like them, they’re just Cubans that don’t know how to be anything more than good little communists.

6 thoughts on “Rights? They don’t need no stinkin’ rights!”

  1. Alberto me imagino que la mayoria son de ENCASA , los useful idiots pagados por la tirania , los mismos de siempre… a lo mejor vemos la firmita por ahi de Phil Peters, de Havana Journal, de la gente del Herald , ya tu sabes como es eso

  2. No surprise that defender of cop killers Danny Glover is on there but I am bummed that Cristina Garcia’s name is there. She’s a Cuban exile.

  3. Claudia:
    There are Cuban exiles… And then… There are “Cuban exiles.”
    Case in Point:
    Carlos Alvarez Sanchez
    Elsa Prieto Alvarez
    Mariano Faget
    Alberto Coll
    14 members of the Wasp Network
    Just to name a few…
    All of the above spied, or were in the service of the Cuban government. Passing themselves off as Cuban exiles is just part of the plan. There are thousands of these so called “Cuban exiles” living in the U.S.

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