AP’s Alternate Reality

Word comes that Cuba has set its “elections” for January instead of the expected March or April. As per usual, media reports impute a legitimacy to the “electoral process,” which it does not merit.
Cuba announced Tuesday it has set Jan. 20 for national elections that are part of the process of determining whether ailing leader Fidel Castro continues as president.
Forgive me for being skeptical, but who other than the media thinks that the “elections” will have a bearing on whether fifo continues as the nominal head of the government? It’s not as if that decision hasn’t already been made by those who really do wield the power.
That’s small potatoes compared to the boldface lies later in the article:
Anyone 16 or older can vote in Cuba and casting a ballot is not mandatory. Membership in the Communist Party — the only legal political party on the island — also is not required.
Mayhap it was another country I was reading about, where you have to vote, where the local CDR will come roust you out of your home, where not voting will have all sorts of repercussions. Musta been, huh? And membership in the party is definitely a requirement to getting elected, so the experience has to be like going to a restaurant where you can choose fish… or fish.
Tiny dissident groups — which are tolerated but dismissed by Cuba’s government as mercenaries of the United States — boycotted the municipal elections.
Take a look at that mind-boggling statement. Dissident groups are “tolerated”? Have they created a new definition for the word? I’m sure those mentioned in Marc’s post will be glad to know that. This is journalism? Aaargh!
Read the AP article in USA Today here. What’s that word my mother uses? Oh, yeah, how do you say…parapeto.

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  1. Like I always say, in the UNITED STATES, there is NO NEED to buy Granma or Juventud Rebelde, because news agencies like AP, and Reuter, as well as the most important newspapers, New York Times, Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, Los Angeles Times, etc… repeat verbatim whatever Cuba’s official government news agency, PRENSA LATINA, writes. Often you can look at Granma and then look at the New York Times and and you will a word-for-word translation.

  2. You guys are all confused. This isn’t the AP-Associated Press. It’s the AP – Associated Parrots -Papagayos Asociados- their job is to repeat whatever the regime says.

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