Cuban family reunited in spite of the embargo


In Naples, FL, this week, the Consuegra family was finally reunited after 7 long years of separation. The father, Rudy Consuegra, fled to the US from Cuba and was granted political asylum in 2003. With that in hand, he requested political asylum for the rest of his family still trapped in Cuba; his wife and two daughters. However, the archaic, futile, cold war relic of an embargo forced this family to remain apart for seven years.
Reuniting Cuban families that have been separated when a member leaves the country has been made next to impossible by the forty-plus year old embargo that continues to wreak havoc and hurt the Cuban people. Of course, I am talking about the embargo that the Cuban dictatorship has on freedom for the more than 11 million inhabitants of the nation of Cuba.

“But his wife, Jimenez, 44, and their younger daughter, Ketty, 8, remained in Cuba.
Jimenez, a dentist, was prevented from leaving by the government and was obligated to switch the location of her job, Consuegra said.” (Emphasis mine)

Like flies swarming to the proverbial pile of dog excrement, the pro-dialog, anti-embargo proponents love pointing to situations such as this to illustrate how cruel the US policy is, ignoring completely the Cuban government’s viciousness. These political opportunists go to great lengths to explain how the US embargo is hurting Cubans by not allowing Cuban exiles to visit their families in Cuba as often as they choose. The problem in Cuba is not that the general population lives in a totalitarian state without the most basic freedoms, unable to travel at will, or freely associate with whomever they please—the problem is the US embargo. Yeah, right.
Now that this brave family has been reunited here in the US, they will most likely not receive any congratulatory calls from the useful idiot club members. Their story tells the truth, and the truth to an idiot is like kryptonite.

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