Cuban gulag is a death trap

Jorge Luis García Pérez, better known as “Antúnez,” survived more than 17 years in fidel castro’s dungeons, suffering some of the worst tortures imaginable, and certainly some that are not. Antúnez was not broken, as once he was out prison, he did what he did on the inside, and resumed his position on the frontline in the struggle for Cuban liberty.
But Antúnez, thanks to fidel castro, is a sick man, as revealed this week by reports that he has been hospitalized.
Several dissident leaders have pleaded with government authorities to provide Antúnez with the same level of care given to foreign patients, according to Martí Noticias. They also asked that Antúnez be allowed to travel to the Dominican Republic, where a doctor has offered to treat him.
Meanwhile, behind bars, the dictatorship continues to do all it can to destroy the health of its political prisoners, as revealed by pleas for assistance by their family members. This week, some of those pleas come on the behalf of:

Ernesto Borges Pérez, whom I previously wrote about here.
Luis Enrique Ferrer García, whom I previously wrote about here.
José Antonio Mola Porra, whom I previously wrote about here.

These and other prisoners are serving terms of varying lengths, but the reality is that every prisoner of conscience in the gulag, is serving a potential death sentence. They are considered “enemies of the state,” and are treated as such, as enemies that must be destroyed.
They are beaten mercilessly. They are fed shit. They are forced to sleep on concrete floors. They share their cells with rats. Their medical needs are ignored.
That those deaths come slowly, even after a prisoner has been released, makes them that much more cruel.
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  1. Somebody should write a book about the history of the Cuban gulag system. To my knowledge, no such history exists in English, only one has been written in Spanish. Such a book in English is needed to counter the propaganda constantly being spread by Castro’s apologists.

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