And….from the “¡No Me Jodas! file-that’s the Cuban version of “Ripley’s Believe it or Not!” We have this headline from the “The Australian”:

Cubans to vote on Castro’s future November 21, 2007
HAVANA: Cubans will go to the polls on January 20 for elections that will help determine whether the ailing Fidel Castro remains the communist country’s President.

Cubans are going to the polls?
Did I miss something?
Did the wristbands work THAT fast?
And people wonder why I drink..sheesh!

5 thoughts on “Elections?”

  1. Please, PLEASE tell me these media people are not that stupid, or that despicable, depending on where they’re coming from (it’s either unbelievable ignorance or complicity with the Castro regime).

  2. It’s not just “The Australian”. Another mainstream idiot, Anita Snow, filed a report with the same ‘exciting’ heading, as if this election is truly a milestone in Cuban history. She makes it sound like everyone on the island will be tuned in to the official results, waiting with baited breath to see if the commandante will be reelected. It’s absolutely sickening to read that trash. Then, today I see a Reuters report with a headline about Cuban women protesting the dual monetary system. You have to read the article to find out it’s a dissident organization that is challenging the system instead of some new-found freedoms being permitted by the regime. Then they denigrate the bold move of the oppositionists by tying the effort to the evil, anti-Castro exiles in Miami. It never seems to end…

  3. fifo, in order to legitimize his stay in power (through the 1976 Constitution) and remove the stigma of “Dictator” created the existing structure of the Cuban Government:
    The Asamblea Nacional del Poder Popular, which is the “legislative power” of the Cuban government, and the “SUPREME POWER” of the State, supposedly exists to represent the will of the Cuban people. Its representatives are the ONLY ones that are elected through a direct vote. The Assembly consists of 609 delegates (or representatives) from the 109 municipalities, and they are elected for a term of five years. The last election took place in 2003. The next election is DUE in 2008.
    IN TURN…
    The delegates of the Asamblea Nacional del Poder Popular elect the Assembly’s president, (Ricardo Alarcón de Quesada) vice-president (Jaime Alberto Crombet Hernández) and secretary Ernesto Suárez Mendez). AND ALSO…
    The delegates of the Asamblea Nacional del Poder Popular ELECT all the members of the Council of State: The President, First Vice-President, Five other Vice-Presidents, and a Secretary. The president of the Council is ALSO the Head of State.
    For the Past 48 years fidel castro ruz has been ELECTED President of the Council and Head of State by the Asamblea Nacional del Poder Popular. That infamous privilege fifo TRANSFERED to raulita back on July 2006. The OPERATIVE WORD is transferred. raulita has not been elected to that exalted position by the Asamblea Nacional del Poder Popular. Are you with me so far? The funny thing is that according to the 1976 Cuban Constitution, the President of the Council (in this case fifo or raulita. Take your pick) has to answer to the Asamblea Nacional del Poder Popular. What a joke!
    The First Vice-President is/was (I’m really confused) raul castro ruz. He is also Minister of the F.A.R.
    Second Vice-President – Juan Almeida Bosque
    Third Vice-President – Abelardo Colomé Ibarra. He’s also Minister of the Interior.
    Fourth Vice-President – Carlos Lage Dávila. He’s the Executive Secretary of the Council of Ministers.
    Fifth Vice-President – Esteban Lazo Hernández. He’s also the First Secretary of the PCC in Havana.
    Sixth Vice-President – José R. Machado Ventura.
    Secretary – José M. Miyar Barrueco
    Cuba has a ONE party system of government; therefore, all the members of the Asamblea Nacional del Poder Popular belong to the Communist Party. Every five years when the election process takes place, ONLY those candidates APPROVED by fifo get to have their names on the ballots. Then, afterwards when the assembly meets to elect the Council of State they elect fifo and company. It’s really very simple… It really doesn’t matter WHO wins the Assembly seats. This charade has been taking place in Cuba since 1976 and that’s why the MSM and the world refer to fifo as president. This election taking place in Cuba has NOTHING to do with any CAMBIO taking place. This is nothing but a JOKE and the MSM is very much aware of it. Gutless son of bitches the whole lot of them!

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