Remembering Haydee Scull

Tonight I was saddened by the discovery that Haydee Scull, one of the mixed-media artist twins, died a few weeks ago. Characters, as well as artists, the only time I ever saw them in person, they were dressed in identical red with white polka dot outfits, topped off by matching floppy, white straw hats.
Together with her sister and later son Michael, Haydee Scull achieved a considerable measure of success. As the linked article indicates, you will find their work in restaurants and Cuban homes. When Queen Elizabeth visited Miami, she was gifted with a Scull rendering of Buckingham Palace complete with spouting fountain. Princess Diana was given a painting of Kensington Palace, I believe. Their work hangs in museums. And what better symbol is there of having made it than to be photographed by Annie Liebowitz?
Despite having studied art formally, she was a folk artist in the very best expression of the term. For much of her career, the work was centered on a Cuba rapidly receding into memory. Many of the same motifs ran throughout the work -the Caballero de Paris, the lottery seller, the capitol as an icon, and the well-endowed young woman in the red polka dot dress- each expressed in a tableau of Havana life. Yet the paintings/sculptures were as humorous as they were nostalgic. They were and are quintessentially Cuban.
The obituaries have expired, but I was able to find a tribute by Jose Sanchez-Boudy in Diario Las Americas. Read it here.

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  1. Yes, Haydee Scull is my grandmother and she is greatly missed. If you are interested, you can stop by a page I made for her and drop a comment expressing how you feel.
    And thank you so much for this blog, it was beautiful, may she rest in peace.

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