Venezuela’s Constitutional Reform

We watch in horror events unfolding in Venezuela, and recoil at its rapid disintegration into a communist dictatorship.
Daniel and a group of bloggers created “Venezuela’s Constitution Reform,” a bi-lingual blog that explains to the outside world why the Venezuelan constitutional reform is dangerous for Venezuelan democracy.
This chronicle of Venezuela’s transition into a communist dictatorship is a lesson on the precariousness of freedom, and the importance of diligently guarding our heritage. Be very careful whom you vote for; imagine a chavez in the White House for two terms with a sympathetic Congress backed by Supreme Court appointees.
It is a must read, click here.
Update (Val): A Venezuelan Acto de Repudio, live and on camera.

7 thoughts on “Venezuela’s Constitutional Reform”

  1. I blame public schools. Do we really expect government schools to enlighten our children so they know when they are being swindled by government? Public schools never teach how to write a check or balance a check book, how to register to vote or explain the process of voting and they never bring up the fact that the US Treasury has inflated the dollar (constantly printed up too much fiat money) over the past century making it less and less valuable. Isn’t that CONVEEEEEEEENIENT?

  2. Thomas I’m not sure what schools your talking about. I’m a product of the public schools and I think I know a little about such things.
    Ziva, I think constitutional reform is a misnomer. It’s more like constitutional emasculation. Reform is something that improves. what they’re doing is far from that. they’re writing their one way ticket to tyranny.
    fortunately to amend our constitution is so difficult, we don’t have that worry that they do. Our founding fathers, mainly by chance, really created something special beyond what they could ever imagine.

  3. Just like others, we saw this coming, but the voters in Venezuela went ahead and reelected him. They stayed out of the last election, now to see how Chavez has emboldened to create a bigger monster. I wouldn’t be surprised that we find out in the future how every election was rigged. I’m sure that when elections take place in Dec. we’ll see him winning. Look at the denunciations by the opposition re. fraudalent cases of people who aren’t real. I’d like for you guys to post something here re. that. Thanks.

  4. we already know the elections were fraudalent. As the analysis of the “reforms” points out, a year from now, there won’t be any opposition on Venezuelan TV. I think Azocar showed great restraint, are all chavez supporters thugs?

  5. “Public schools never teach how to write a check or balance a check book…”
    That’s because they can’t do it themselves.
    You should check out what’s happening with LAUSD lately — the people they hired to handle their payroll haven’t gotten the checks right for a good year at least now, and it’s costing LAUSD $90 million so far to attempt to fix the problem. And LAUSD also handed out credit cards to all the higher up administrators for work use only, but naturally they bought anything and everything they could get their hands on for themselves. One lady ran up a $160,000 tab.
    Ziva’s in LA so I’m sure she could give me an amen on all that. It’s the MLK-Drew Hospital of school districts. (Or is MLK-Drew the LAUSD of hopsitals…?)
    All right, sorry everybody — thread officially de-hijacked. Happy Thanksgiving!

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