5 thoughts on “November 22, 1963”

  1. Yep. Cuba is/was the most strategic location in the western hemisphere outside the continent. Ask the Spanish why they made Cuba their primary base in the New World? Ports, natural resources, great weather.

  2. I think in the not-too-distant future, when Cuba has a different government, we will finally know what happened on this day in 1963. My family is from Dallas. My own aunt drove the same make, model, and color of car Mrs Oswald drove. Needless to say, she got pulled over and questioned.
    If there is some kind of Cuban connection, be it fidel ordering the hit, or Oswald and Ruby having some connection to FBI counterintel or CIA anti-castro operations (My personal theory was that all the coverup was to keep from blowing the cover off such operations), this would explain why nothing has been declassified so far.
    This would also explain why we haven’t had declassified any counterintelligence data from 1959 onwards. Even if everybody involved is dead, ops are still ongoing against castro and Cuba. Once that changes, we are going to know or have confirmed a whole lotta stuff. Remember when VENONA was declassified?

  3. You know, my theory is kinda different.
    I think JFK was involved in some turbious deals with some mafia organization and they ordered the shooting. It is very curious that his son died young as well but in a “plane accident.” I guess we will never know for sure until the documents are declassified and someone starts talking.

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