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Dear Editor,
As a Cuban-American I wish that gifted writers like Matthew Cooper would use their talents to denounce the real Cuban embargo. The one that Fidel Castro and his cronies have placed on the Cuban people. But alas, Mr. Cooper has chosen fiction as his area of expertise.
If you can’t beat them, join them, Mr. Cooper proposes that United States join the ranks of those other nations that have chosen to become business partners with the deadliest regime in the history of western hemisphere. He sees no problem, apparently, with Americans working in a spirit of cooperation with the oppressors in Cuba and aiding them in their oppression as countless Spanish, Canadian and British companies do.
Mr. Cooper speaks of intellectual dishonesty. We trade with Syria and China, he says. I suppose that he believes that to right a wrong you must commit another wrong. Besides what’s $1.8 billion in uncompensated confiscated American assets among friends?
The fact is that American business presence in Cuba will not increase America’s influence that is a fiction created out of whole cloth. Spain has the most foreign investment in Cuba and as a result Spanish political leaders are impotent to stand up to their corporations and require Cuba to adhere to international norms of labor practices. Spain’s incestuous relationship with regime makes Spaniards de facto enablers of the regime.
Mr. Cooper should receive a prize for creative writing, his column almost made me suspend my disbelief and believe that Cubans would actually benefit from the lifting of the trade embargo and not the gang of thugs that totally controls Cuban political and economic life.
Henry Gomez

3 thoughts on “Letter to Conde Naste Portfolio.com”

  1. Great letter, Henry. I saw this editorial too and couldn’t help but to post a comment on there. Especially when the only comment was from some idiot demanding that the US “respect” Cuba’s sovereignty and the will of its people. Something the castro regime has never done, and none of them demands of them.

  2. Henry,
    One thing being left out of this argument: the US ALREADY does business with Cuba. Aren’t they our fifth or sixth largest trading partner for chicken, cattle, etc.? The embargo is somewhat of a myth, no?

  3. Mariana,
    “El Bloqueo” can be described for non-strategic goods in two words – PAY CASH – Something the Regime is unwilling/unable to do. The regime has NO CREDIT
    on normal world markets requiring such things as letters of credit. Their financing is basically seller financing. With this Regime – LET THE SELLER BEWARE! -S-

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