There is not enough soap in the universe

In this review of the latest hagiography of the undead comandante, My Life, reviewer George Walden does an excellent and comical job of exposing the author, Ignacio Ramonet, for the fraud that he is. As editor of France’s Le Monde Diplomatique, Ramonet has never hidden his love and affection for the murderous Cuban dictator.

Only a few passages of interest would be lost by not reading this book, a course I would generally recommend. These concern Fidel’s youth (gilded, naturally); the early guerrilla attacks on the Batista regime (embroidered, almost certainly); his genuinely bitter reflections on his abandonment by his Russian financiers when they devolved responsibility for the Communist future to himself and North Korea; and his gently insistent disparagement of Che Guevara.

So this book (for lack of a better term) will now join the ranks of the countless other revisionist histories of the thugs and killers that have been responsible for so much pain and suffering in Cuba. They must figure that if they publish enough lies, they will eventually become true.
Ramonet, and the collaborators like him, can write all they want: Cubans will not forget the terror they have lived through for the past 48 years, and neither will they forget the collaborators that enabled and aided that terror. There is not enough soap in the universe to wash away their crimes.

2 thoughts on “There is not enough soap in the universe”

  1. Just imagine a comparable hagiography about any right wing dictator. First of all, it would never have been published by any “respectable” publisher, and even if it had seen print, the outraged outcry from the world’s “intellectuals” would be deafening.
    Can you imagine the op-ed columns in practically every newspaper denouncing the thing? But this vile piece of abject kissing-up to a monstrous tyrant is OK, just like the UN sending that Swiss turd Ziegler to “report” on Cuba is OK. It’s more than OK, it’s routine.
    Cuba may have the dubious distinction of being the most frequently and flagrantly screwed over country on the planet. Nearly half a century of it and counting, and the list of backstabbers is practically endless (and still growing).

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