Monkey boy can’t quit yackin’ away

They say loose lips sink ships, but in monkey boy chavez’s case, it sinks his standing in the diplomatic world even lower, if that were at all possible. Unable to keep his trap shut, the Venezuelan simian once again spoke out of turn, possibly sabotaging the hostage negotiations going on with the leftist guerilla terrorists in Colombia.
My uncle used to call guys like him, un animal con ropa (an animal with clothes on).
Even that, I’m afraid, may be considered insulting to animals.

2 thoughts on “Monkey boy can’t quit yackin’ away”

  1. Uribe warned Chavez not to talk to his Generals and of course Monkeyboy did it anyway. It must have been agonizing for Uribe to have to play, for political reasons, Chavez’ game at “mediator” when he has been caught red-handed harboring FARC leaders.

  2. It seems to me that Hugo has finally gone completely off the deep end. What was he thinking by threatening Spanish investments? Is he really that suicidal?
    He’s making an awful lot of enemies and showing the rest of the world his true colors without anybody’s help.

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