Repression takes no holiday in Cuba, as this e-mailed news release reveals:

On November 22, 2007 at nine in the evening, more than 30 officials of the Cuban political police and Cuban State Security violently invaded the poor neighborhood named CAMBUTE in San Miguel del Padrón in Havana, Cuba, ransacking the home of the 30-year-old activist, JUAN BERMÚDEZ TORANZO, where a vigil on behalf of the freedom of all Cuban political prisoners was taking place. Cuban repressive forces brutally beat all families and neighbors present, including women and children. Juan Bermúdez Toranzo was dragged along with his 2-year-old son from his bedroom to the street outside where he was thrown into a patrol car with other activists of the Cuban Foundation of Human Rights. Four activists and an evangelical pastor where taken away to the Eleventh Police Unit at San Miguel del Padrón in Havana where they remain “under investigation.” State Security advised Nery, the wife of Bermúdez Toranzo, to begin looking for a lawyer since formal accusations are on the way for those arrested.
The detainees are: Juan Bermúdez Toranzo (national vice-president of the Cuban Foundation of Human Rights), Osmar Osmani Balmán del Pino (delegate of the Cuban Foundation of Human Rights in the Municipality of San Miguel del Padrón), José Luis Rodríguez Chávez (vice-president of the Cuban Foundation of Human Rights in the city of Havana), William Cepero (president of the Cuban Foundation of Human Rights in Old Havana District), Yordis Ferrer (Pentecostal Evangelical Pastor who came to the aid of Juan Bermúdez Toranzo’s wife Nery as repressive forces where beating her up).
Activists as well as family members of those arrested decided to carry out a sit-in in front of the Eleventh Police Unit in Havana all last night (November 22) where we will remain protesting the unjust arrests.
These dedicated human rights defenders are in prison only for their activities on behalf of the rights of poor Cubans who, like them, live in impoverished neighborhoods. Juan Bermúdez Toranza founded an independent labor union of bicitaxis (Cubans who try to make a living on their own by transporting Cuban citizens but who are repressed and prohibited by the government from obtaining a license to work.) On the 12th of November past these activists had carried out an activity in the streets of Cambute on behalf of the children of this poor neighborhood.
Testimony provided from Havana, Cuba by Juan Carlos González Leiva, President of the Cuban Foundation of Human Rights and Executive Secretary of the Council of Human Rights Rapporteur in Cuba. Recorded and translated to English by the Coalition of Cuban-American Women/ LAIDA CARRO. Tel: + 305-740-0934 Fax: + 305-740-7323