2 thoughts on “Shooting ducks in a barrel”

  1. President John Kennedy put the embargo on Cuba in 1962 after Castro seized $1.4 billion in U.S. assets on the island. Most people don’t know that fact and parrot that the embargo was meant specifically to overthrow the Castro regime.
    The Carter Administration renewed relations with China in 1979 after China agreed to pay the U.S. 48 cents on the dollar for property expropriated in 1949. Vietnam also made financial amends with the U.S. before they renewed relations.
    Fidel Castro has adamantly refused to make a similar economic settlement with the U.S., even though he did so with Spain in 1986 and with Canada.
    When Jimmy Carter traveled to Cuba in May 2002, he publicly asked Castro to establish a blue ribbon panel between both nations to study the settlement of outstanding claims, like his administration had done with China. His petition was ignored by the Cuban government and a year later, Carter acknowledged that his mission to Cuba had been a failure.

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