An offer we should refuse

“The new (US) administration will have to decide if it wants to keep the absurd, illegal and failed policy against Cuba or whether it accepts the olive branch that we offered’ on December 2, Raul Castro said, referring to statements made in a speech last year.
‘If the new US authorities finally step aside from their arrogance and decide to talk in a civilized manner, they’re welcome,’ he said.
‘If not, we are ready to keep confronting their hostility policy even for 50 years more,’ the defence minister said, adding that Cuba ‘substantially increased’ its ‘defensive capacities’ in the past year.”

That’s an olive branch? Sounds more like saber rattling to me. It is Cuba, and not the U.S. who has been hostile for 50 years. It was Cuba, who expropriated American property, and still refuses compensation, and not the other way around. It was Cuba, and not the U.S. who attempted a horrific terrorist attack against the innocent citizens of New York, and wanted to nuke the U.S., not the other way around.
As for Cuba’s defense force, raul has always spent Cuba’s resources on arms to defend the illegitimate castro regime, instead providing for the Cuban people.
When is the castro regime going to behave in a civilized manner and cease hostilities against the Cuban people?

5 thoughts on “An offer we should refuse”

  1. And to make it all even more surreal, those defense expenditures they proclaim so proudly were made to defend themselves from the Cuban people. They know the US isn’t going to invade, but they do know that unless they keep the people oppressed and under control, they will turn on them in an instant.
    What does it say about a system of government that has to constantly keep itself at the ready for an insurrection?

  2. “Absurd and failed policy.” Yep, that’s Castrocommunism in a nutshell, all right. “Arrogance.” That too.
    Are these people worthless, shameless assholes or what?

  3. Dr. Shalit:
    I totally agree with you.
    We need the U.S. Interest Section in Havana to flash -in bright neon lights- that same message.
    Wouldn’t that be something.

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