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  1. Thanks for reminding me. I have to get busy supporting my friend Raul Martinez for Congress. He is opposed to Bush’s Cuba policy and is the candidate of all us dialogueros. As Janet Reno said, you can see in the photo that the machine gun is not pointed at the child.

  2. It is common misconception that the child is frightened. In reality he, like little boys the world over, was over joyed to see a gun. Thinking he might be allowed to have it, he was simply yelling, “Is that for me?!” (The camera obviously caught his rapturous smile as it was developing.)
    The gunman is cleary saying, “Surprise!”
    Boy did we silly Cubans blow this one out of preportion.
    Incidentally, does anyone know who the man with the gun is? I often wonder how he feels about what he was ordered to do.

  3. Never hurts to remind people, but in this case, I doubt many Cubans who went through that ordeal need reminding.
    As for the identity of the guy with the gun, it’s beside the point. Hell, Janet Reno was beside the point; she was just a glorified flunky doing what the man she owed her job to wanted. This was all Billy boy’s baby. Either that or a vast left-wing conspiracy. You do the math.

  4. WOW!! This photos brings back the memories of the horrors committed against the Cuban people during Democratic administrations. My first memory…..leaving Freedoms fighters to die on the beaches of Playa Giron. I KNOW. I WAS THERE ON BOARD THE USS-CONWAY-DDE-507, We were there to watch the double cross and the slaughter, but notpermitted to fire, even a sling shot against the castro-communist forces. My second memory…. the effective action of the Democratic administration in STOPPING ALL AID by Free Cubans to El Escambray while it was aflame in Anti-communist insurrction. The jailing of Free Cuban men and women and the dismantlement of thier tiny bases in Southern from wish arms and medicines donated by Free Cubans were smuggle at great risk and under the pain of death if captured by the Represive forces of the castro-communist dictatorship. I know, I was there.
    I purpose that we change the name of the Democratic Party to The Cowardly Democratic Party. All Cuban Americans should know that the Cowardly Democratic Party is NO FRIEND OF THE CUBAN PEOPLE. Check the facts.
    Henry Agueros

  5. The “friends with cash” certainly came into it, but only because they were given the chance to “contribute” in a way that made a difference. If Clinton had done the right thing, which was in his power to do, the vultures (which are always hovering and waiting for a chance) would have been foiled. What happened is what he allowed and abetted. It’s ultimately his responsibility.

  6. Another possible caption for the photo:
    The Democratic Party = The Party of Law and Order (when the LETTER of the law is suitably convenient; the SPIRIT of the law is moot).

  7. The documentary by Agustin Blazquez “The Rats Below” is a real eye opener. It explains the Clinton’s administration, ADM, Cuba and how they all played together to return a little innocent boy to the gates of hell.

  8. Well, even if JFK’s betrayal and horrendous bungling had not been enough (and it was PLENTY), Clinton’s behavior in Cuba-related matters would have sufficed to sink the Dems completely in my book. People can counter that neither JFK nor Clinton is the same as the whole party, which is true, but the party has not and will never officially admit the guilt of either man, let alone condemn them for it or apologize to “those people” in South Florida. Therefore, they can just kiss my ass.

  9. My students were asking about Elian one day this year and I recalled the events, saying that a SWAT team guy pointed the gun at him. He argued with me and said it wasn’t pointed at him. I googled the pictured, turned on my lcd projector and showed the picture on the screen. Kids gasped (they were only 7 or 8 when this happened, they didn’t see it) and the same kid (he’s 16 and says the Patriot Act is worse than Cuba’s spying) said “See, the gun isn’t really pointed AT him, you exaggerated.”
    It’s amazing what kids will swallow from liberal parents and the media (and other teachers.)

  10. Yikes. Let’s not get amnesia. I recall from agents where I worked, that this raid was planned for many, many weeks, under wraps, while we marched and held vigils and lots of people held out (false) hopes gushing out from the mouths of feckless, corrupt bureaucrats.

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