For God Knows What

After the Spanish King told Hugo Chavez to shut up in Chile, “old man” castro called him on a cell phone. His faithful protégé tried to put the call on speaker but was unable to figure out how to do it. He also claims he didn’t hear the King Juan Carlos shut him up and that CNN is a “right wing, fascist” news channel that’s participating in a psychological warfare to instigate his magnicide.
This interesting article by Jose de la Isla who writes for Hispanic Link ties castro’s telephone call to Chavez with the castro backed Sandinista regime in Nicaragua, Cuba’s “special period”, Iran-Contra, the 1991 Fourth Congress of Cuba’s Communist Party, and the recent poll by the IRI showed that Cubans overwhelming support for a more democratic system (76 percent) and a market-driven economy (84 percent) in less than 650 well written words.
My Favorite 68:

… the Old Man, in his fantasy ideological heroics and scarcity economics, did not take people’s simple needs into account. Instead, he created Depressionlike queues for mealtime commodities…
… Among the Old Man’s last gasps over the cell phone to Chavez was not braggadocio concerning how many he helped live but about squandering lives and the country’s treasury to resist, to fight, to die — for God knows what.

48 years of sacrifice, misery and oppression for God knows what…indeed.