Settlement in custody case

The custody case of a 5 year old Cuban girl was settled today. The biological father of the girl was awarded custody but must stay in the United States until 2010 as part of the settlement. The foster family of the little girl (which adopted the girl’s half brother) will have visitation rights.
Who knows what really happened here? Were the father (Rafael Izquierdo’s) attorneys afraid of what a higher court might rule, especially in light of allegations that they fabricated evidence? Did the father begin to like having 3 square meals a day and an air conditioned apartment? Did the castro regime determine that with an upcoming presidential election and a Democrat leading in the polls that would be better to not draw the ire of the Cuban-American electorate and galvinize them in their hard-line anti-castro stance? Who knows?
I’m very happy at least that the girl will be able to maintain her relationship with her brother, the one constant in her life.
Of course Izquierdo could load his daughter on one of those go-fast boats that routinely go to Cuba on smuggling runs and disappear just like that.

5 thoughts on “Settlement in custody case”

  1. Smart money goes with Izquierdo (what an appropriate name, don’t you think? You can’t make this stuff up)making it back to Cuba posing for pictures with raul and the other thugs with the little girl in tow long before the 2010 date.
    The courts will have a conniption, Miami will scream fowl, and the media will then point all their cameras and microphones to the Versailles parking lot and report how the intransigent Cuban-exile community wants to keep a little girl away from her father after a US court already gave him custody.
    They’ll perhaps mention the settlement, and Lefty’s violation of a court order, but not enough to make any consequence.
    Let me know if anyone out there wants to take my bet. I say Lefty stays until after the 08 election, but will be out soon after. Don’t be surprised if they forgo the go-fast boat, Henry, and instead take a private jet back to Havana courtesy of the Council of Churches.

  2. And this is in the best interest of the child? I feel sick. I suppose we can hope that there will be change in Cuba by the time she is taken back, or that Izquierdo will wake up and do the right thing. Yeah, and there’s an icebox in hell.

  3. Once the final decision from the court is in, all Mr. Izquierdo need to do is go over to the Venezuelan Consulate… And Voilà, he and his daughter (and anyone else) will leave with a Venezuelan passport.
    Mr. Izquierdo, his girlfriend and their child have family in Cuba. I don’t believe for a moment that the Cuban government will look too kindly in their jumping ship.

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