The twisted mind of Hugo Chavez.

It’s hard to believe that anyone can take Hugo Chavez seriously. Lately he hasn’t been able to get out of the news. First it was the confrontation with the King of Spain. Then it was the President of Colombia, Alvaro Uribe. And now it’s CNN. The Spanish language version of CNN aired a report about the aforementioned dust-up with Uribe and erroneously put up a graphic with the words “who killed him”? under Chavez’ picture. The graphic referred to the next story which was about the murder of Sean Taylor, the Washington Redskins player who was shot in his Miami home on Monday morning.
But Chavez explains that this is a call by CNN to carry out a magnicide. Didn’t anyone ever tell this jackass that CNN is the Castro News Network? Besides if CNN wanted Chavez dead wouldn’t they say “Someone kill Chavez!” instead? Or perhaps they could start broadcasting what’s really going on in Venezuela. Someone might get mad and do the deed.
What an idiot.