Back in Miami… back to mis cafecitos

At long last, I am back in Miami where cafe cubano is on every corner, and the smell of cigar smoke wafts along the crowded sidewalks. The Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina were majestic, but so was the smell of coffee coming out of my espresso machine this morning, complete with espumita.


My most sincere thanks go out to all of you that offered me locations and invitations to enjoy some Cuban coffee during my stay in North Carolina. I did not want, nor intend to take anything away from the people and the beauty of the place–I just wanted un cafecito, coño!

5 thoughts on “Back in Miami… back to <i>mis cafecitos</i>”

  1. Espresso machine? My espresso “machine” consists of the cheap aluminum stovetop type. Disposable, easily replaceable, portable, humble, low to no maintenance yet makes a great cafecito. When I went away to college, I would brew in my dorm room after dinner and learned that the smell attracted the ladies. I soon became addicted. Gracias Cafe Bustelo.

  2. I keep one of those as an emergency back-up, Omar. Especially in Miami after losses of power from hurricanes–I put it right on my BBQ burner.
    But you can’t beat the convenience of one-touch cafe. And it’s just as good as the old-fashioned kind. It may not be traditional, but I’m a sucker for technology.

  3. Hey Alberto!
    We got Pilon here in Marietta,Ga. even decaf, which I had to get for the vieja last week.
    North Carolina especially Western NC is a beautiful place.
    With so many Cubans going up there, we need to open a Ventanita up there in like Asheville maybe?
    But Miami es unico!
    Richard in Marietta.

  4. hey Richard, we are getting more new arrivals from Cuba in NC quite often now. Seems to be a lot moving out of Florida to NC that have been in the US less than 4 or 5 yrs.

  5. Know what you mean brother. We have been living in Buford, GA for five years. Its in North Georgia next to that “almost dry” lake thats been on the news.
    We miss cafecito very much and every year we can’t wait to get down to “mi gente” for noche buena. Just a few more days……

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