chavez gets his own time zone; The Twilight Zone

The writers’ strike going on here in the US has had no apparent effect on chavez’s ability to come up with new material. To his credit, he is not satisfied with just regurgitating the same old lame communist and socialist rhetoric. And once in a while, he comes up with one right out of left field (pun intended).
Beginning one week after the farcical voting to be held this Sunday (which regardless of what the Venezuelan people vote, chavez will ensure his constitutional reforms receive an overwhelming victory) Venezuela will begin its own time zone. The plan does not call for the country to move ahead into the next, or behind into the previous time zone; the plan calls for Venezuela to have its very own Twilight Time Zone.
On the appointed day, everyone in Venezuela will move their clocks back one-half-hour. So, no matter what time it is in the world, Venezuela will always be off by at least a half an hour. No other country in the world will be on the same time as them.
What is the purpose of this change? Besides his whimsical musings of giving Venezuelan children more daylight in the morning, this only goes to show the world what we have been telling them for years now: This guy is not well in the head. In chavez you have a delusional psychopath who dreams of world domination and now has decided to create his own break in the time/space continuum.
In the end, the time change will be more inconvenient than anything else, but the point here is how this man, with each day that goes by, is losing more and more touch with reality. Combine that with his unbelievable wealth, and soon, his unbelievable power and perhaps all of you may understand my concerns.
I am just waiting for him to show up on TV or in a press conference wearing a tinfoil hat and threatening the aliens from planet J74K, of the Alpha Centauri system, for flying over Venezuela at night without permission or payment of over-flight taxes.
Mental disease is a serious and dangerous disorder; just look at what the last delusional psychopath did with the power he wielded and the billions in aid he received from the former USSR in Cuba.

4 thoughts on “chavez gets his own time zone; <i>The Twilight Zone</i>”

  1. hugo c is not the sharpest tool in the shed…his elevator doesn’t make it to the top floor…he’s one cow short of a herd…know what I mean? It’s really not funny though, he’s as dangerous as a rabid dog.

  2. well like I’ve repeatedly said as to how much this moron is looking like the dictator revolutionary in the play Bananas….soon Hugo will make the official language of Venezuela, Swedish and will decree that all children under 15 will now be 15.

  3. Since he thinks he can repeal the law of supply and demand (setting the price of coffee above what it is worth on the world market) I think he should repeal the law of gravity too. Henceforth Venezuelan crude will flow right up out of the ground. Think of the cost savings when all those pumps are eliminated.

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