From My Files

For your Friday post-work viewing pleasure, Kodachrome pulled from my files depicting Cuba as it once was. Cuban children enjoy a carnival ride in Havana – 1953.
All to often, we think of Cuba as the third-world disaster it has become, thus forgetting the developed nation it once was. I would hope that these snippets of daily life from decades long-gone serve as a reminder to everyone of the joyous days before night fell on the Pearl of the Antilles.
Carnival Ride.jpg

2 thoughts on “From My Files”

  1. This is both very touching and very painful. Like innocence raped, trampled and spit upon. So much of what was lost can never be recovered, and I’m not talking about material things. The guilty can never pay for what they destroyed and replaced with misery and darkness. Striking them all dead would not undo the damage.
    How could so many, many people have been so blind, so stupid or so perverse? What sort of horrible madness was it that could go so far and sink so low? Did Cuba, perhaps, get what it deserved, because too many Cubans were fundamentally bad or too easily won over to the dark side?

  2. I’ve been a reader of this blog for awhile now, and your writings reinforce my belief that the liberation of Cuba should be as important to Americans as is the alliance with Israel.
    What an incredibly powerful picture. It occurred to me as I looked at this photo that most cars in Havana today are as old as this photograph.

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