5 thoughts on “How will we know real change when it comes?”

  1. as happened in chile..??…i didn’t know Allende was told he was a liar on tv….or are you talking about our democracy savior and capitan general honorable Augusto Pinochet …??

  2. The point is not to compare the nuances between right wing military dictatorships and left wing totalitarian ones. Or to applaud Pinochet or Lago or Allende. Just to simply point out that in Cuba what happened in that video could never happen. That’s all.

  3. henry,i got your point,and my point is that using the case of Chile is totally non-sense ’cause Chile was not a dictatorship,although the “general public”,mainly lefties,usefull idiots,and a lot of cubans with not enough info about the topic think that Pinochet was a “dictator” and those personajes in the video were or are “freedom fighters”….

  4. The liberal/left vilifies Pinochet, but tolerate and support Castro. At least Pinochet saved his country, laying the foundation for what today is the most progressive nation in Latin America – a model for the rest of the region. He also allowed the Chilean people to vote whether he should stay or go. Yet, I have never seen a favorable book written about Pinochet. Hypocricy reigns…

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