Police Arrest Student Dissidents in Central Havana

Cuban university students from across the island present 5,000 signatures in support of the “University Students Without Borders” project.
From the Directorio Democrático Cubano comes word that four youths, among them three members of the Cuban Movement of Youths for Democracy (MCJD) were arrested by state political police last night, November 29th. The activists were taken to the National Revolutionary Police Station “Sanja y Dragones” after having joined a sit-in demonstration that had been going on for more than a week outside the “Aguilera” National Revolutionary Police Station in central Havana. Protesters had gathered there to press for the release of jailed dissident Juan Bermudez Toranzo.
Those arrested had earlier taken part in a press conference where 5,000 signatures supporting the “University Students Without Borders” project had been submitted before the public. The project advocates university autonomy through free expression and freedom of association at Cuban universities.
Folks, we need to get the word out regarding these arrests. The more press these arrests get, the better – as international attention may prevent these young dissidents from being subjected to harsh beatings at the hands of the Cuban state security apparatus. Please forward this information to as many contacts as possible.
H/T El Mizzoubanazo