… no muerde

Like a rabid three-pound mutt barking and yapping ferociously through the screen door at the postman, chavez is more of a nuisance than an actual threat to the US. The mutt may act like the screen door is impeding his attack, but the reality is that the screen door offers the mutt the protection he needs to act as tough as he wants without getting stomped on.

And so is the case with Venezuela’s wannabe dictator; chavez’s antagonistic and threatening rhetoric against the number one buyer of Venezuelan crude is bolstered by the fact that he knows the US will never take him seriously. He knows, as well as the US knows, that he has neither the economic, nor the military wherewithal to fulfill any of his threats. The only ones that can be hurt by this yapping mutt are the Venezuelan people themselves. chavez does not fear them since he believes he has the thugs and the guns that can quash any uprising.

I found two editorials today that give good insight into the false bravado being sported by chavez, and describe how he is more interested in enriching himself with money and power, than anything else. The first is from Roger Cohen in the International Herald Tribune:

Oil centralizes power. Venezuelan oil fetches a lower price than most because it’s harder to refine, but [c]hávez is still pocketing between $4 billion and $6.7 billion a month, depending on whom you believe. Give anyone in an opaque, rather than open, society more than $100 million a day and he might start raving about ruling until 2050, as [c]hávez has.

The second comes from an unlikely source, the LA Times, but Sergio Muñoz still points out how chavez is a threat only to his people:

Does Chavez have the military and financial resources to play in the same league as the U.S. and other world powers?

Venezuela’s 2006 defense budget amounted to less than $2 billion, about 1.3% of its gross domestic product. His combined armed services — army, navy and air force — number about 82,000, according to GlobalSecurity.org. In contrast, the U.S. has more troops in Iraq than Chavez has in all three branches of his military.

Although this Venezuelan tyrant with the Napoleonic complex poses little, if no threat to us here in the US, he is still the largest threat to our Venezuelan brothers and sisters. Left to pursue his whims and avarice, the yapping dog of Caracas will end up destroying Venezuelan society, families, and the economy, just as his master has done in Cuba.

Today may be Venezuela’s last chance to put this mutt back in his cage. If they fail to stop him, they need only look to Cuba to see what their future will look like.

*No dogs were hurt during the writing of this post. The author also apologizes for any offense, directly or indirectly, this post may cause dogs who through no fault of their own, must also endure chavez’s yapping.

5 thoughts on “… no muerde”

  1. Ya empezo la trampa…. voting suspended in the Miami consulate due to fire.

    C’mon, how friggin’ obvious can the scam be?

    It’s at the herald.com

  2. It is sad, there is no hope in h.ll that Chavez will allow the results to go against him…

    Next is civil war…

  3. Ditto on the point that chavez is more of a yapping mutt than a serious pit bull off a leash.

    However, my respectful disagreement that he’s just a nuisance to the US; that’s what our State Dept. & others have said about kasstro too. While chavez may not have the military hardware and other clout to do us direct harm, he’s proven relentless sowing seeds of instability all over the map, buying votes and thugs with his petrodollars. And in a post-9/11 world, that may count for something in the future. It remains to be seen. Remember he’s been schmoozing with Ahm-a-demon-job in Iran since he arrived at Miraflores. Iranian mullahs’ insane ideology is far more dangerous than their nukes, in my estimation.

    IMHO, we should not take for granted our safety by looking south of the border and thinking that smaller or poorer or 3rd World countries are incapable of causing a lot of damage.

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