11 thoughts on “A referendum question”

  1. I was in Panama last month and it appears that Venezuelans aren’t waiting for the referendum. They’re taking advantage of the relaxed banking regulations and the condominium boom and turning Panama City into Little Caracas on Calle 50.

  2. Daniel reports that it is not the army manning the voting centers, but president piggy’s “reserva” militia. The thug has his enforcers in place.

  3. Let me stir the pot here for a minute. Other than an overwhelming majority voting against this piece of garbage(it would be a liability to go against the majority), chavez will get his way (by cheating if it is remotely close).
    Chavez has already done some nationalizing and will do so much more of he wins. That being the case. Will not Venezuela then be equal to Cuba in regards to a need for a trade embargo? I would be very interested in other’s views on this.

  4. Let´s see what he does with U.S. property, but in my opinion, if we had been getting close to 10% of our crude oil from Cuba, the Bay of Pigs fighting would have lasted a few hours, and fidel would barely get a mention in the history books.

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