“Veni Vidi Vici”

Last night on Cuba’s “mesa retonta” Randy Alonso read a message that fidel castro sent to Hugo Chavez after his constitutional referendum was defeated at the polls on Sunday.

“Dear Hugo: I send you revolutionary congratulations for your speech today, which was a ‘Veni, vidi, vici’ of dignity and ethics,”-said the tyrant.

Veni Vidi Vici- I came, I saw, I conquered.

Was castro impressed that his inept pupil accepted the will of the “masses”?

Hardly. Dignity and ethics to the tyrant means imposing his will-conquering. So even though Chavez lost, as he sat there conceding defeat, he did so by insulting the Venezuelan people by making it clear he doesn’t respect their vote. Chavez proclaimed that he had lost “for now”, that his amendments were still “alive” and that they were ready for a long fight. He also went on to say he wouldn’t have wanted to win by the narrow margin that the opposition won, calling their victory “pyrrhic”. Later on in the day, Chavez insulted the voters by proclaiming that his reforms failed because Venezuelans were too “immature” to understand the advantages of his 21st Century Socialism.

What impressed the tyrant was that Chavez will keep fighting, regardless of the people’s wishes, desires and best interests to plunge Venezuela into the abyss.


3 thoughts on ““Veni Vidi Vici””

  1. I love when these FOOLS throw around the word MATURE as if the were examples of it…… HUGUITO and his ‘idol’ always seemed to be eternal, self-absorbed and indulged teenagers, who cannot get over the fact the world does not revolve around them …. and leave a mess ( which they do not acknowledge, since their feces does not stink )to clean up behind them !!

  2. Riiiiight…. a message from “fidel.” Suuuuure, whatever you say, Randy Alonso.

    Anyone who saw the full video of his latest interview, and his nonsensical tirades about the Theory of Relativity(!!!!!!!!!), would have NO problem believing that fidel is capable of writing coherently.

  3. The thing is, this completely ruins his plans on sowing more “chavista” Latin American presidents, especially if he has to go make an end run around democracy to make up for his loss.

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