I survived the revolution

Our very own Humberto Fontova – or as we call him around here, “El Cirujano” – tells it like it is in this interview with Men’s News Daily.

BC: Why do you think anti-American dictators so reflexively enthrall the political left?

Humberto Fontova: Battered-wife-syndrome comes to mind.

It seems at times that we are tilting at windmills when we try to explain to the world just how skewed and erroneous their view of Cuba and the vile revolution is. But just imagine how much more twisted and flawed their views would be if it were not for Cubans like Humberto who go out there day-in and day-out and try to educate the American public.

3 thoughts on “I survived the revolution”

  1. Does anyone know where I can find documentation for Fontova’s assertion that Castro tried to bomb NYC, Black Friday 1962? I’ve googled it and only able to find his claim, no secondary sources.

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