Death Threat to Dr. Darsi Ferrer

Via George Utset at the Real Cuba, we learn that Dr. Darsi Ferrer’s life was threatened by Cuban State Security today. As you know, Dr. Ferrer is organizing the anti-apartheid march in Havana on International Human Rights Day, December 10, 2007.

Here’s a quick and dirty translation of Dr. Ferrer’s e-mail:

“Death Threat to Dr Darsi Ferrer”. By Dr Darsi Ferrer

“If you go to the park on the 10th of December you will be in the wrong place at the wrong time, because we are going to kill you”..,

Those were the words of the State Security Official’s that showed up at my house at 8:00 a.m. today, the 6th of December, and threatened me in front of my wife and son.

For the satisfaction of worthy Cubans, immediately afterwards when we tried to confront him because of his serious disrespect , he left the house’s porch in haste, and wound up running several neighborhood blocks in front of us in a clear sign of cowardice.

After the Call for the March, which was sent the past 20 of November, the indimidation by the political police has gotten worse. They have spent several days ridding in Zusukis motorcycles in front of to the house to show themselves. Two days ago, Kristian, a boy of 9, and his 7 year old sister were approached in the street on their way to school and asked if they knew the Dr Darsi Ferrer.

One has to take into account that our family has undergone the cruelty of 11 “acts of repudio”, including beatings on several occasions.We cannot forget that on September 1, 2006 they arrested to me arbitrarily at 2:00 a.m. so they coulp attempt against the life of my small son of 6 years, who they left alone in the house that hour with the gas form the stove on.

I am communicating to you that once I leave this room in which I am in, I will go to with my wife to “Villa Marista”, headquarters of the State Security , to demand that they kill me today, now, in their lair and not in front of my son in the days before the march.

To all Cubans, I ask that you participate the scheduled MARCHES under any circumstance. Our Nation does not have to continue to undergo the terrible consequences of the official policy of APARTHEID imposed by the regime. It is our duty to say ENOUGH. It is high time hour for CUBANS to live with honor in Freedom and Democracy.

Please make every effort to attend any of the marches on Monday. You will show the brave dissidents your support and the regime your desdain.

Update 15:01: Darsi is being interviewed live on Radio Mambi, by Ninoska. You can listen live right here.

7 thoughts on “Death Threat to Dr. Darsi Ferrer”

  1. That, my friends, is called BALLS. Wow. I am humbled.

    Cuba needs more Darsi Ferrers on both sides of the Florida Straits.

  2. I only wish he had a photograph of the scumbag who made these remarks at his home. You wanna talk the talk? Let’s see how easy it is to talk shit with the barrel of a ruger down your own throat. Scumbags, every last one of them.

    Sorry for the rant – this just really pissed me the fu&^ off.


  3. La Conchita:

    I didn’t get to hear the whole interview. He reiterated what he said on the e-mail. He said he didn’t want his son to see him get killed as he has already been traumatized enough. And he thanked all those in the US that support him and keep working for Cuba’s freedom. He denounced the regime, of course he said that they were the only Cuban gov’t since independence that wasn’t nationalistic. He also denounced that Perez Roque willing to sell our sovereignty and flag to Chavez so he and the ruling class could continue to have perks while the population starved and was oppressed. He was going into Villa Marista and Ninoska was scared for him and he said he was going to give the phone to his friend while he went in so she could call back and check on him. It was a very eerie end to the conversation. He was not afraid.


  4. There are those who say that without direct access to arms there is no hope for the Cuban people and therefore we should all become financial and touristic humanitarians. They obviously have not asked Dr. Ferrer’s opinion on the matter.

  5. Reiner,

    Tks for the update. I have not heard any followup today about his situation. Is there any word??

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