Another misleading Granma AP article from Cuba

This one’s from Will Weissert, about the International Film Festival in Havana.

U.S. films flood Havana festival

HAVANA – Washington’s trade embargo bars almost all Americans from coming to Cuba – but it can’t keep U.S. films out.

Twenty-one full-length U.S. movies and 22 experimental American shorts are being shown as part of Havana’s international film festival, which began Tuesday and runs through Dec. 14 at 23 movie theatres and video clubs across the city.

Will apparently forgot that castro’s thugs choose which films are allowed in Cuba, not the American government. All the U.S. films portray some segment of America in a bad light, for example, Brian De Palmas’ U.S. military bashing “Redacted,” or Vivien Lesnik Weisman’s exile bashing “The Man of Two Havanas.”

Message to Will: it’s not the U.S. censoring the media in Cuba.

6 thoughts on “Another misleading <s>Granma</s> AP article from Cuba”

  1. “Max Lesnik is still a critic of Castro, but has remained close to Cuba’s government”

    There is ONLY one way you can be a “critic” of Castro and “remain close to Cuba’s government”…you are part of the KASTROITE MAFIA!!!

  2. You can view one of the Maria Elvira Live shows on YouTube where she interviewed a former Cuban counter-intelligence agent, and he said that it was very easy recruiting agents for Cuba here in the very own United States, not based on monetary reasons, but purely on ‘ideological’ reasons. The reason why?….Because, he said many of the USA leftists are very “ANTI-AMERICAN”. We all know this, but it was fascinating hearing it directly from an ex-agent.

  3. Gee whiz! Are admissions free? I can just bet that regular Cubans –you know, the ones that can’t afford to pay for food much less for a movie- will be attending the festival.

  4. It’s all about catering to the international fidelistas; a love fest for the regime, fueled by anti-Americanism, and hatred of Bush and of course the evil “Miami Mafia.”

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