Cuba Comes In Second

The Committee to Protect Journalists, has issued its Special Report for 2007.

castro’s Cuba, of course, received a dishonorable mention.

According to CPJ, Cuba ranks second, world-wide, in the number of jailed journalists with 24. China comes in at number one with a bullet at 29.

Excerpt from CPJ’s 2007 Report:

Fidel Castro ’s absence from day-to-day power has not led to media reform in Cuba, the world’s second-leading jailer. Twenty-four Cuban journalists are imprisoned, CPJ found, most of them swept up in a March 2003 crackdown on the independent press.

For comparison purposes, China has approximately 1.3 Billion people, Cuba 11.3 Million.

The report doesn’t mention that independent Cuban journalists are now routinely harrassed, threatened, detained for short periods of time and then released under raul’s kindler gentler repression.


3 thoughts on “Cuba Comes In Second”

  1. Go figure!

    29 Journalists from a population of 1.3 BILLION people vs. 24 Journalists from a population of 11 MILLION?

    Who do you think should be the first?

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