guevarian irony


The owners of a Wellington, New Zealand café named “fidel’s,” were fined for allowing patrons to smoke inside the café in violation of New Zealand’s anti-smoking laws. In a typical guevarian irony, one of the owners is shown puffing on a cigar in front of a mural of the butcher of La Cababña gracing the walls of his establishment. He offered the reporter this paradoxical quote:

“We’re living in a police state. You can’t do anything any more.”

The café owner should actually be thankful he is living in New Zealand and not in the totalitarian world of the beast in his mural. In New Zealand he only has to pay a fine, but If he lived in the world of his heros fidel and che, he would have been arrested and treated to a bullet to the back of the head.

These idiots really have no concept of reality.

9 thoughts on “guevarian irony”

  1. Sadly, most people are blind to the realities of the world.

    That is why I like the Cambio Movement; perhaps when they see the great majority protesting and not the great few they will realize that in fact there is a problem.

    If only we could recruit many peolpe to our cause.

  2. People like this, who are obviously quite numerous, are essentially shallow and superficial, focused on image or looking hip/cool, regardless of the actual reality. The Hollywood crowd is the best example, but they’re definitely not isolated cases.

  3. I wonder what would happen if someone created a Korda-esque rendition of Adolph, printed it on a bunch of t-shirts, and walked around Miami Beach during Art Basel.

    I wonder what all the lofty art patrons there would say about art and freedom of expression then…. wish I had the balls.

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