The castro Virus

On Monday, after Hugo Chavez suffered a stunning and embarrassing defeat on his constitutional changes at the Venezuelan polls, the tyrant in Havana praised Chavez’s actions as ethical and dignified.

By Wednesday, Chavez was once again showcasing his dignity and ethics for a world-wide audience.

Warning: The following quote from this Reuters article contains foul language:

CARACAS, Dec 5 (Reuters) – President Hugo Chavez on Wednesday called the Venezuelan opposition’s unprecedented victory in the weekend’s referendum “shit,” signaling the firebrand former soldier was back on the offensive after initially humbly accepting his loss.

The self-styled socialist revolutionary was angry at a local newspaper report saying he had conceded victory in the narrow vote on expanding his powers only after the military pressured him. He called the report “shit,” too.

“It’s calm, so keep it calm,” Chavez said at a news conference in a message to the opposition. “I wish you knew how to manage your victory. But you are already covering it with shit. It’s a shit victory and it’s yours.”

He labels his rivals “lackeys of the empire” and U.S. President George W. Bush the “devil” and a “donkey.” He once called Bush an “asshole.”

Fantomas has the video for you viewing repugnance.

This infectious behavioral disease, Hugonism, a mutated form of castroism, is the virus that Chavez wants to spread through Latin America and what castroism patient zero in Havana praises as ethical and dignified.

Left unchecked, the disease destroys whole countries causing immeasurable suffering and misery to most of the population.

Luckily, there’s hope. The disease can be treated and a full recovery is possible. Many countries in Eastern Europe which were afflicted with the Satlinism strain have made a miraculous recovery. The antidote: CAMBIO.


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4 thoughts on “The castro Virus”

  1. Well, he can’t help it. We’re talking dregs of humanity here. His only virtue is that he was always pretty obviously himself. If people were stupid enough to support him, hey, what do you expect? Garbage in, garbage out.

  2. Question: When are the Venezuelen citizens going to wake up and realize that this bastard needs to be shot. Do it now before your country turns into another Cuba. You will be regretful.

  3. I have very little sympathy for Venezuelans. They created and deserve Chavez .

    I lived on and off in Venezuela for 7 years and still have family living there so I think I know something about the place. The political and business classes never created or encouraged an environment where a middle class could grow and flourish. They never created a political environment that respected the opposition. The same can be said to a large extent for the rest of Latin America with the notable exception of Chile. I have never understood the mentality of the elites (business and political, but particularly business) of suppressing competition, business and capital formation in the belief that the pie is limited. They never think about growing the pie.

    So the lower classes are left to believe (with good reason) the system is corrupt and they must fight for their scraps from the state. They also are left to believe that you can only advance through corruption. The laws are anti entrepreneurial. I could site example after example in every country.

    You mention CAMBIO and I’ll take that to mean (beyond your wrist bands, etc) a change in regimes (Cuba) and political philosophy and governance everywhere else in LA. You mention Eastern Europe, but is that really a fair comparison? I don’t know Eastern European culture but I do know LA culture. Over the years, the region has had a variety of political models from dictatorships to “neo- liberal� and none of them have truly worked (again, Chile being the exception). The middle class has never really expanded in significant numbers . I believe a vibrant growing middle class is vital to the stability of the country and the advance of freedom. You can understand why Castro and Chavez want to suppress that, but business elites? It just boggles the mind.

    When I think about the history of the US and LA over the last several hundred years and where both find themselves today, I can’t help that believe that culture has something to do with it. A statist, corporatist mentality, etc. What other explanation is there?

    This has gotten too long. I read you with some frequency and I know you are committed to building a free Cuba after Castro passes. Chavez is a Castro wannabe so a disdain of him is natural. On the other hand I would say to you Venezuela has gotten exactly what it deserved in Chavez.

    Sorry to sound so unsympathetic but 25 + years of living and working the region have toughened my heart. Maybe I’m too cynical, maybe too old. Maybe the next generation can fix this. Good luck.

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