Antúnez is arrested

Former Cuban political prisoner Jorge Luis García Pérez “Antúnez” is latest victim of the dictatorship’s new-style “preventative repression.”
Independent journalist Carlos Serpa Maceira is reporting that Antúnez and his wife, Iris Pérez Aguiler, were arrested, while attempting to attend a peaceful rally near their home in Placetas, in Villa Clara province. Police officers pepper sprayed them and beat them, before taking them to a local police station.
They let Iris go, but Antúnez — who after more than 17 years in prison and a lifetime of resistance to tyranny, is familiar with all the dictatorship’s brutal ways — was held for three hours, before being released.
Read Serpa’s full report, in Spanish, at Miscelaneas de Cuba.
The good news, Antúnez is out of the hospital.

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  1. Marc,
    I had lunch at El Intransigente today and spoke to Antunez via cellphone. he’s hurt, but in good spirits and grateful for all the support from this side of the Gulfstream. I can tell you that at he is determined for monday.

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