Archbishop says government apologizes

The only good apology from a communist, is a promise to go away for good. I guess the archbishop of Santiago de Cuba has settled for the next best thing — any apology at all from a party hack for the Cuban dictatorship’s thuggish behavior.
Archbishop Dionisio García Ibáñez of Santiago de Cuba, says a senior communist official Thursday apologized to him, for Tuesday’s police raid on the Santa Teresita church, during which several dissidents were assaulted and arrested. The detainees have since been released, according to reports.
García told the EFE news service, that he had met with Caridad Diego, head of the communist party’s religious affairs department, and that apologies had been made.
“(The authorities) regretted how events had developed, apologized and said events like this should not be allowed to happen,” García said.
García said it was a positive meeting because it “clarified the situation.”
What was not known was whether García recognizes that Tuesday’s attack, also “clarified the situation,” by again demonstrating that the Cuban dictatorship is prepared to commit any outrage to silence dissent.
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