El Jerky Boy

Remember prank calls?


“Hi. We’re calling from Sears. Is your refrigerator running?”

“Um. Yes. Yes it is.”

“Well, you better hurry up and catch it.”


Well, it seems the Adidas track suit clad cadaver in chief of Cuba has taken to prank calling:

Elian Gonzalez says Fidel Castro phones him, says he’s doing well

HAVANA (AP) — Elian Gonzalez, who as a boy was the focus of an international custody battle, said ailing President Fidel Castro called him Thursday and told him he was doing well.

“It was a very exciting moment,” said Gonzalez, who turned 14 this month.


7 thoughts on “El Jerky Boy”

  1. I guess after that fameous crank call from el Sol 95 that got those two (2) DJs so much fame that Fidel believed he could get fame by crank calling. Que cosa eh! Bueno….nos vermos en Versailles hoy. DONT START WITHOUT ME!

  2. Trying to relive one of his dubious triumphs, apparently. I assume Bill Clinton is touched by the old tyrant’s “thoughtfulness.” Janet Reno might actually be in tears over it. “Yes, yes, we did the right thing for Elian; he sounds like a very content and well-adjusted robot.”

  3. Marisleysis Gonzalez gives a tour of her home wrecked by armed federal raiders who seized Elian Gonzalez. She begged the agents not to bring in guns. Raiders sprayed the house with pepper spray, kicked a cameraman, pointed guns at everyone inside and threatened to shoot while demanding the boy. They broke the doors to the bedroom and the closet and broke Elian’s bed. Donato Dalrymple describes how Elian was screaming for help as guns were pointed at both of them.

    “This is not the way to treat a six-year-old kid,” said Marisleysis. “I blame Janet Reno and Bill Clinton for whatever happens to Elian. Clinton has already dishonored his family in the White House, now he has dishonored mine. He should be ashamed because he gave the order to return this boy.”

  4. Al Gore, “trying to inoculate himself from what was about to go down,” said “I believe this issue should have been handled in a family court and with the family coming together.”
    Reporter Andrea Mitchell states that the Cuban American community was declaring that “Al Gore will pay in November.” She concluded: “Gore is going to get blamed both from the people in Florida and the people in the White House who resent what he has done, and those in the larger political community, as well as the American public, who think that this is a case of clear pandering.”

  5. Pandering? In politics? How positively novel, not to say unheard of. My, my, Ms. Mitchell must have had a VERY sheltered life. Pandering is EVERYWHERE, sweetheart, in varying degrees of obviousness, so please, give me a break.

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