Almost funny

Just in case there is a Cuban on the island that missed the last 49 years of oppression, repression, subjugation, domination, tyranny, cruelty, despotism, violence, death, carnage, and all the other reprehensible acts this monster and his so-called revolution has brought Cuba, here is the Cuban regime’s ballot information sheet on this candidate for reelection.


This is almost enough to make you want to laugh, but the blood of over 100,000 people on this monster’s hooves kind of takes all the humor out of it.

6 thoughts on “Almost funny”

  1. Hmmmmmm Fundador eh what that is what Castro liked todrink… Well this gives great support to the idea that FC as well as RC were recruited by Fabio Grobart way back bettween 1944 and 1948….

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