Too funny

Take a look at how this stooge on Cuban TV tries put down the Cambio movement in Cuba. Take a look at what the Cuban government is afraid of. A little sack with the word change written on it, a bumper sticker, a baseball, a deck of playing cards. The revolution is SO STRONG that it can’t withstand the threat of a deck of playing cards. These little items are things that Cubans can’t readily get. A baseball, a small bag to carry ones belongings…

They are right to fear the word. For the word makes one think of a different Cuba, a changed Cuba. And there’s one thing castro and his stooges can’t afford and that’s to have 11 million people dreaming of change.
H/T Cuba Cambio

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  1. Cuba’s upper brass is afraid of he word Cambio because they will lose all the privileges .. Cambio for them means no more luxury, no more capitalistic lives, no more excess, no more travel
    Cambio means the end to the life they know and enjoy…

  2. Excellent video ..El error de ellos fue que ahora el pueblo entero sabe que la palabra Cambio existe..y que el cambio si es posible
    Propaganda gratuita para la oposicion . Ahora los niños querrran ponerse los brazaletes que dicen Cambio. Infantilmente le pediran a sus padres las pelotas Cambio y las briscas Cambio para jugar. After all the revolution has been unable to provide toys to the kids..go Figure

  3. Henry,
    It would be funny if it wasn’t sad. These people make me cringe. I so hope it is the people of Cuba who rise against this regime; them who topple it and them who install a new democratic government system… a ver si asi se tragan toda esa estupidez de los USA, Bush y los “mercenarios”.
    Funny they should use the word mercenaries, that’s exactly what their leader was: a mercenary

  4. ‘Rique –
    OK all y’all got me – I joined Amazing that of all things he gets wrong, my US Senator – ‘Berto Menendez at least gets THIS ONE RIGHT!

  5. What a dork!!! a cross between Jerry Lewis and the guy from Gold Member…these cretins lack any imagination whatsoever, the same old lame shit..

  6. The twerp suggests that it is not Cubans who want change but Americans trying to convince them that Cubans need change. Why hasn’t the regime started their own counter marketing campaign? They should print up T-shirts and cards that say “same” and get all the Cubans who wish to continue living in squalor and toilet paperless poverty to sport them for the tourists. That will sure show those tourists that the Cuban people support apartheid and wish to be denied access to beautiful Cuban areas reserved for fat foreigner tourists hunting for cheap young sex with desperate Cubans trying to eat. Raul…do you realize how stupid you look having your shills spew this ridiculous fairy tale? You have no concept of public image do you boy?

  7. Yes, that’s awful, that Cubans are getting radios, TVs, printers… what a travesty! How dare they join this century?

  8. …yes, the cameras, the printers…how terrible and dangerous is this? They are afraid of a word. Now more than ever, I’m convinced of how frail this dictatorship is becoming. Afraid of a t-shirt. How pathetic. At least they’re helping to spread the word!

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