Dr. Darsi Ferrer beaten by Cuban military members

I have received a report that Dr. Darsi Ferrer, the Cuban dissident who was organizing a peaceful march to commemorate International Human Rights Day in Havana, has been beaten by members of the Cuban military. Details are sketchy at this point but Darsi has spoken on the phone with people outside Cuba after the beating and I am working on getting an audio tape of that conversation.
More to follow…

4 thoughts on “Dr. Darsi Ferrer beaten by Cuban military members”

  1. “Cuba celebrates Monday International Human Rights Day with an honorable and extensive record in cooperating with all human rights mechanisms.”
    Of course you do. Only the MSM and liberals would believe this stuff. I hope Darsi is OK. The more publicity we give this the better.

  2. This morning Monday, December 10th, supporters of CAMBIO in Cuba rallied in front of The Los Angeles Times building in solidarity with Cuban Decidents in Cuba. The rally started at 8:00a.m. which was 11:00a.m. Havana time.

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